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All joking aside this is the first post of my new personal blog. In it I hope to discuss technical news and developments as well as provide my own take on things. My own technical knowledge and internet know how is fairly grounded from being a gamer my whole life, working tech support at various jobs and generally having a mechanically oriented mind. Currently I’m working on a more formal grounding as I pursue graduate studies at Drexel in Information Systems.

Introductions aside lets move onto a our IS/IT information of the day: Ross Rubin of Engadget writes about whether or not tablet’s should be considered PC’s while at the same time putting forth that we are in the post-PC era. To me post-PC just sounds plain silly and more like media-hype than anything else. Yes, we have lots of new form-factors that a lot of people are buying and going gaga over but in no way do I see this as the post-PC era. Can a kindle, nook, android, iphone or even ipad replace a PC? All are less powerful, have more constraints and most of all are limiting by their interface and systems architecture in the kind of programs they can run.

A desktop or even a laptop pc may be bulky in comparison but most people who own such post-pc devices still own a pc because these post-pc devices can’t perform on the same level. I really don’t see us reaching a post-pc era until the interface really evolves into something new. Gesture or voice based computing that has the same reliability of a keyboard and mouse will mark the post-pc era, but until that level of reliability is reached it’s still the PC era. As my one friend talking about an ipad put it, “That’s nice, but I really don’t have the need for a toy computer.”

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